Was 4 hours with my dog ​​outside that's good or bad?

Hey! I'm now a forest hike done with my dog ​​we were 4 hours on the road. Is this good for my dog ​​or rather bad? We have of course made breaks where they got something to drink and some treats. I played even play stöckchen. I wonder whether the degree has my dog ​​well getahen. Otherwise I do so a running next week again. Can you give me pros and cons say?

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It depends on the age of your dog.

Puppies and young dogs should not run so much. In old dogs must also be very careful.

A healthy adult dog who has some stamina, makes absolutely nothing - on the contrary, with breaks, drinking water etc. is good for the dog.

However, I would not additionally play stick and I would let it rest after the dog - force if need to rest.

I go with my dogs sometimes on hikes of up to 8 hours - the day is then rested (so little running). I adapt to the lining. Ie. The more energy Hundi has consumed, the eating so more and fattier he gets. On a day where little energy is required, there is correspondingly less and less fat.

It always depends. You have a young dog. Were you 3-hour drive bike? Certainly not. With sufficient breaks and rest periods is no problem for 4 hours. I was recently walking with a friend along. A 1.5-hour sessions was in the right call fast 3.5 hours. We often sat down the dogs had a creek to cool off between practice there something fundamentally obedient. Otherwise Wuffis could sniff and give her things after. Mine is 15 months old and it was perfectly ok.

In general, it is good for you and for your dog. Movement is always good in any weather. It comes but on whether the dog is very young or older. Very young dogs can therefore be overwhelmed. That you realize but when he repeatedly lying down and no longer wants to run. As long as he always liked to get up and running, there is no problem.

Why ask us? Ask your dog! As long as that is feels comfortable and happy here, that's fine. If he hinterhertrottet tired or even lying in between, then it is fartig and should already be home.

My Foxi makes day trips in the Alps - wenns then the cable car goes down, he asks if he may prefer to run ;-)

If it would not get your dog You should have to carry him.

If she does not know it to run so long, they might get a little sore and goes away again.

This is really good for your dog. Did my mom asked the degree is animal doctor aba she says that it would be better if you give him socks don that is run for the bed better and so does a trip to the dog even more good. Aba is solln not be purchased pet socks but you have to take baby socks that are softer

As long as you're making breaks, and have water here is great for a dog.

My love those walks.

Pity you imagine such questions afterwards.

How to answer the standard rate? For a six-month free Thund it would be too much, a running joyful herding dog, which is often taken along on walks sitting behind as possibly and waits what happens next.

Maybe you should learn to assess the condition of your dog and to recognize when it is flat now.

This is not a computer, where you can say "do not let overheat, otherwise the battery weaker", but a dog. That's like asking if it was OK that you 4h were with your child outside. The dog certainly had fun doing it ..

If you do not themselves realize that you should also have no animal!

It depends on the dog. How old is he, how fit what race, what size?

I think you do not understand what people want to tell you here. Of course this is good for the dog !!

Excuse me please: you have no idea whether your 3 year old Corgi is good to walk four hours?

Any healthy dog ​​is accustomed to the running (so I want to eliminate the handbag pooch times) would be on long walks ...

There is no "Contra" ...

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