Was anyone ever in the main station Dortmund?

I need tonight at 23:00 until 00:00 waiting for my train because I change in Dortmund central station and wanted accordingly to know whether one has because any employments at this time of day, or is all tight? Should I possibly be afraid soo late because to wait ??

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As a McDonald's at the main station, can wait and possibly something to eat there. has on the whole night. nothing else is open in hbf.

Subway and McDonalds, both at the main entrance to the Königsallee have until 01: 00h opened. Since you can hold you at a cafe. Otherwise are 3 covered waiting areas above between between the tracks 8/10, 11/16 and 18/20, and if all else fails, there is next to the Travel Center the Station Mission (via the stairs to platforms 2-5)

http: //www.bahnhof.de/file/bahnhof-de/6493602/3hboQKeBrAy4u70jmrx3YPqjVms/651069 ...

If I remember correctly, there is a McDonalds, which should then also have to. I want to go this time not alone by the central station ...

evening or at night is there dead trousers. you can easily put most times purely in McDoof and use their free wifi. Alternatively there is also a pub

Mostly, these stations are still revived at this time. In addition, since the railway police that turns her round.

Record anything to defend themselves with, and when things are just key on Keychain .More I can not say, since I'm rarely in Dortmund this also.

around the time that is still not a problem

Go in MC.D or in the pub. Otherwise there is not much.

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