Was cheated when buying! retrieve money? Name location yet!

Hi got me recently at Ebay Classifieds a PS4 purchased for 240Euro than I paid for it by bank transfer, he said he had been sent there and 2 days later, he blocked me or I do not know if I call him is only the mailbox ... I know his name his location it found out on Facebook for his profi picture on whatsapp fit the page to Facebook. the question now I can reclaim money? I need urgent help thanks! sorry for the spelling mistakes

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So, to me is the same thing happened recently. With bank transfer You can definitely ask you your money NOT from the bank back. In my case the seller has his identity card and his Sozialversichersicherungsnummer sent to me in conducting business via Whats App. The bank agreed with the personal data. The correspondence proceeded in perfect German. I could make on extensive in-house research, the real person identify than the seller has issued. They contacted me by phone and assured me to have given up any items on eBay Classifieds. Even the account should not include the person. Supposedly their data be misused. I have filed a complaint and advise you to do the same.

And again one of those who thinks that the safety at eBay Classifieds apply only to the other morons ...

You can make a complaint, the police will naturally strive active, but adjust likely to their efforts in the medium term.

With a lot of luck you get a legal address of the fraudster, with which you then sue your money through civil proceedings could

But I would prefer to say goodbye internally before it.

Ebay inform about open case whether THE coming to operate ?? Faith hardly !! Display for fraud is also in the room.

Particularly there should pay ALWAYS bar, so pick up the part personally.

@ wasgeht2233

When you're doing nothing, because you have again the Conditions not read on Ebay Classifieds.

Have you checked the seller before? Pictures can be fake. Have you coppied his advert? Is his address, phone number?

Have you looked at Google Maps times whether there is the house where he lives?

What kind of shipping you denied her and done everything in writing?

Where you have a transmit tracking number from the seller?

If you have e-mail address from him, then he put a deadline that he will send you the goods and be sure to take a lawyer, if you get what ever.

Otherwise accounted your money as dearly. EBay Classifieds is designed so that the goods they collect personally and paid in cash.

'If you do not notice the warnings (on eBay Classifieds), then you can not afterwards cry that you have been cheated.

First contacting you Ebay ... which govern the immediate and if you wish you can was because the guy at the police show) you may bring even one or penny other than compensation

You can believe the Transferred money can be back paid into your account by the bank. You can also possibly the ads.

First Ebay contact, as information is not coming much.

1. Then, a letter to the buyer write (by registered mail) with the request you send the goods to the xx (12 days period) and otherwise to withdraw the threat from the purchase contract.

2. After deleting the deadline again registered letter sent to the withdrawal from the contract and your bank data and the prompt return the costs (the value of goods and the two letter) and the threat that you when you until the date xx (again 12 business days) no receipt available initiate the court orders will

3. Judicial dunning initiate. This is very easy online. Then the office cares. You have the cost (30 €) to advance while, but then the money will definitely get back. So the cost of writing, 30 € for dunning as well as the already transferred by you costs for the PS.

and again a jawoll makes just keep it up. The more cheaters buzz at Ebay. You do not have a chance. Be the next time smarter and use classified as intended.

Unfortunately, I may believe, this is not possible: /

You can think that I can be back to book with your bank.

Otherwise, go to nem lawyer.

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