Was it correct to submit my dog?

Hello, I have just had with my dog ​​outside. He hears actually pretty good, just today we have a dog encounters and my dog ​​was totally out of. He broke away (collar, leash, broken ripped everything) and ran toward the dog. He growled like a maniac until the other dog has subjected. (There was no Beißerei or other). Then I immediately threw myself on my dog, so I'm over it and pushed down his head. Was that right or not? I knew me at that moment simply no other way, as it has never done this before and I had to make him so clear that I'm the boss, not him.

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Hello tinkerbelxoxo,

you are a human and not a dog, right?

So You're not the boss or he, the Lord dog. A Cheffe there in this form, which you you only in primates and hominids which man is known to classify imagine.

So the dog has your action is not understood as those required of you, but must and will you feel as a totally unpredictable people and social partners. He feels, as a consequence of your behavior error, no longer safe for you ....

What then the reaction of your dog, also explains in reverse in the face of another dog.

You should convey much sense of security that he leaves you on the specification of Verhaltemsrichtung towards other dogs your dog.

Only insecure dogs and dogs with uncertain holders take perforce the scepter - group defense in the hand, uh - paw.

Please get you the book:

The other end of the leash - What we deal with dogs determined Author: Patricia B. McConnell

The Book

With the dog on you - to understand his character and behavior, Author: Eberhardt Trumler

Can you convey the right feeling for good handling your dog.

You should never "submit" a dog. Just because everyone shows x arbitrary Dog Whisperer on TV so, that does not not mean that that's good. Usually one so only destroys the bond between dog and man.

make rope again provisionally at the dog and go stubbornly on, that would have been correct. Plus apologize for the opposite.

and I had to make him so clear that I'm the boss, not him.

... It was the stupidest thing you could do !!!

Who can actually all young people still think they would have a dog against the boss or be worse raushängen the "pack leader" ???

These are very antiquated views!

Which Rasser or racial mix is ​​your dog? One thing is certain: you have not done it in one of the size and strength of the dog corresponding Halsung!

Even if tomorrow is Rose Monday, please go off and buy the dog a stable and well-fitting dog harness with a neat line.

Next, you present yourself as possible to learn the ordinary and nonviolent handling your dog in a good dogs school.

What did you do for a dog? How hard is it? Did you call him?

This is good when you do that, it important to be calm in this moment itself and radiate no restless energy. Often it will come quietly to the situation ran out and the dog just to speak and move his commands. Hope you know César Milan has often useful tips on how to transpose much.

No, that's nonsense toaler, the dog does not understand what you tell him so willst.Schlimmstenfalls he feels threatened by you. You need a dog never "submit"! And one thus verhndet no scuffles!

And if he so easily tear sien collar and his leash you do not kannund him to keep, you might like to take anything other than thin filaments as a necklace, or send adults walk the dog.

Please go to a dog school, obviously you do not know what you're doing.

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