was the car my money is gone

Hi people, So my question is that: can I see someone because was even if I have no contract with the person? The point is, there should be someone my make car all due tüv because it was private, I have this person € 450 previously passed and my car keys, the problem is now that this has person car not quite made my but lay my car keys in but briefkasten 450 € were gone. What can I do? I know grad times the name and whether the is true I do not know -.- "

The best answer

You can display against unknown make - and it would be good if you had a witness to it all.

Why did you have no contract? What did you give him the money? You can of course it show, but I would be good times. We are talking about illegal working and when you give something in order, in criminal proceedings against you.

You can always press charges, is only the question whether what comes out

There are usually also oral contracts!

because it was private

In other words, illegal work, right? Since you no help.

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