Was the light bulb harmful to the environment?

Hello! You know what disadvantages had the light bulb? I know that it consumes a lot of energy but otherwise I could not find anything in Internet .... THANK YOU!

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The disadvantage is already in the name of "incandescent".

Since the glow wire brought to glow, be converted 90% of the time spent, the electrical energy into heat energy, and only 10% into light energy. In energy-saving lamps, however certain gases are excited by the flow of electrons to illuminate what works at much lower temperatures and therefore uses less energy.


the bulb contains no or little relevant components, which have negative environmental impacts. The disadvantage was the high power consumption, which is harmful to the environment per se.

Greetings Ralph

I think that is the main point of criticism - perhaps even the gas used.

The only drawbacks are high energy consumption and low durability.

In environmental terms, it does not bring any problems that can be disposed of with normal household waste.

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