Was there ever a proof of chemtrails?

Question is already above ..

Allegedly be for flights from FLügzeugen beside the contrails also sprayed chemicals, and unleashed on the population. So-called Chemtrails ..

Has the art in some fashion times proved or is it conspiracy theory?

The best answer

Would be probably more effective the release in the cities you want to infect it, because up there so extreme winds prevail which would dispel the yes so much the goals would be impossible so.

But what stuff should be the? For mass dumbing but already there Rtl: D

No, it does not exist. It would be extremely easy to detect.

This is simply a conspiracy theory, the most rather than excites me laugh to think. ^^

Hello! This is one of the sprawling conspiracy. Chemtrails you will be unable to prove because it does not exist. Rather Paris Hilton is in a bikini in front of my door and asks for directions, all the best.


this question emerges strangely on since the beginning of the Internet. Evidence there are still only speculation of mutually insulting conspiracy theorists and the parroting any nonsense from our US flat skull.

Sufficient information is available. Why You have to set up this question just now again, will probably always remain a mystery. Even here at GF, even if the engine is not the best in the world, you would get a lot of answers.

Or does the question now with the GWI crash together? Just set time, it is completely pointless.

No, there are no substantial evidence for Chemtrails - all them!

No, there is no evidence and facts to chemtrails.

I firmly believe that this is a pure conspiracy theory, a pretty brainless strictly speaking.

So alone dirch the cold you can not get sick So yes, it can only be through the chemtrails so the pharma industry here can sell more tablets and due Illuminati can manipulate us better when they cram us with tablets

Ice crystals can not exist at any level.

This is the best proof!

on something can come only conspiracy theorists: D

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