Wash Klöppelspitze

Hi :-) I would like Sew Curtains for kitchen and to use lace as intercalary. Now I do not know how hot I may wash the later, so they do not shrink. Or should I wash the tip better before - but the number of degrees - and then process only? Thanks for your tips

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You should act accordingly, the material from which each is.

From my own experience I can tell you've sagen..ich from a catalog Curtains for kitchen (cotton) ordered processed with a cotton tip and wash after the first has entered the peak and the mehr..als the material has been processed it.

I would wash both separately and only then voneinader verarbeiten..wenn both from the same material. Then nothing should really happen!

Genuine lace goes to 30 degrees - previously washed is safer, not in the machine - do not spin later

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