Watch Dog and cat together?

Hello first I want to buy a cat but already have a dog and wanted to know if that fits together?

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With a lot of patience and understanding for the animals it is quite possible that understand dog and cat.

Our Border Collie mixed breed and the cat who process lasting approximately one in several weeks today and now they may very.

As the then 12-week-old cat moved the dog as early as 12 years old and a bit more relaxed than at a young age, which was also positive factor with security for the resulting animal friendship.

I can only advise you to tackle it slowly and carefully. We have let the two after 3-4 weeks to run free in the same room together.

How does your dog behave as compared to cats?

When he's not stalking them, not in intention to play, it's my experience after no problem, adults, hundegewöhnte cats to socialize with a dog. Young kitten walk dogs advance quickly on your nerves.

If you have a dog "cats compatible" look at thyself in shelters after hundegewöhnten cat around. Good contacts are also animal welfare organizations who work with private foster homes. Many of these foster homes have cats and dogs.

If the cat will be an indoor cat: please ensure two, cats are solziale animals need the essential (at least one) conspecifics. Humans and other animals are not a substitute for conspecifics.

Yes. When the two get used to each other, they definitely fit together well. Best walking used to each other with a kitten and a puppy. More tips for acclimatization you'll find on the internet or in books cats :)

Actually, that goes on, but you have to make sure how your dog by nature is. If he is snappy and wild I'd heard you advise more ... But usually this works with cats and dogs, you just have to show that the small Minzie now him zu'r family :)

Oh and one more thing: I believe hounds are for not so good ...

buy cat but already have a dog and wanted to know if that fits together?

actually each should nevertheless be aware that strange dogs and cats do not tolerate each other. Something is really only good when the animals grow up together. There are exceptions, but they are rare!

I think your reasoning is therefore not good! What happens when the animals fight? Then there pure stress and again a shelter animal more!

Well, it can estimate the most basically as an owner, because you know your dog best:) .... but the cat and dog are not good that's complete nonsense, every dog ​​is different. In my understood also great with cats, rabbits. And they are not grown up together, my dog ​​was 3years then came the older cat to.

I have two dogs and a cat (formerly there were two) when my dog ​​came was my two cats because one was around 1 year and the other 16 years.

the old cat went within two weeks he came clear with the dog. In my other cats animal it took months until he has got married out of the basement high.

Meanwhile, all live together peacefully. Playing and cuddling together.

Does your dog cat?

may not need. my beagle mix dog with a keen game drive was about 1 year old when the small about 3 weeks old (half-starved in the bushes found) came about .. 1-2 days after they have come together in a basket sleeping .. JTZ had our hangover with a year to be put down, and our dog was tottraurig. you hats viewed her, even the ruede of this came as a hang about 8 months old was sad. but there are also cases where the dog simply jealousy times briefly, or God knows what bites the cat in the neck, and then that's it with the poor cat, and you as an owner, also not happy .. is therefore, necessarily try out! one probably first heard with muzzle, or cat in a box, have, you should vllt also first with the odor of the cat to the dog (eg stroke and sniff the dog at the hand blank).

always depends. My girlfriend had a golden retriever and a hangover. Have super understood each other.

wonderful .I have been staying in the family and with me several copies of it and it has never not funktioniert.Vielleicht is what best.Hunderassen, hounds, dog Polar etc.nicht which would have to try first!

Yes my dog ​​was then 6 as the small kiwi to comb and only he liked it not at all today they love

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