Watchful dog?

Hello everybody. I need help please.

Since almost 2 weeks we have a second dog, whose primary job is to be vigilant.

But from the beginning: We, now almost 8 years Goldi dog is super sweet, but a nightcap as it appears in the book. He barks only when one of our cats will at his food bowl over, and burglars he would probably help you take out. Since in our area for months a gang (as it says in any case the police) go, we were looking for a second dog, which takes over the "I keep guard job". Found we have a 2-year-old DSH bitch who was already out IPO. On the training field, we were yesterday the first time there, it's been really great. I'm really proud. It is totally aware and has to please even the absolute will. - Now you have last night, stole from us on the property, a total of 4 bikes, and about 3m on our doorstep. Sometime in the night, no idea when. Both dogs gave a peep from him. Our girl had at the previous owner, who lives in a rented apartment, shut up. Logically, because of the neighbors.

I'm only on Sunday with her again on the court and know the people, and of course not, so it can actually ask anyone there. But I would have to start working in the direction that she watches.

Bin for each tip grateful.

The best answer

Hi, so that the dog pays attention to his territory, he must have recognized as its territory the first. To protect you, they need to know that you were one of their first times. So you recommend simple trust work would afford to and to ensure that they feel at home. To rauszukitzeln the drive home something goes times early in the morning and late at night with her garden from (just like a pack of what his hunting ground runs to see if everything is okay) .If you what reports, what is also entitled in your eyes, ie a person goes very close to serve up your garden, then you reward them. Of course, only do if it really is "mild" and not when only grade a bird was startled and so are loud. With the bikes is of course gone stupid :( actually are as well real bands go, in my family even 5 bicycles were stolen in the last 3 weeks, whether completed in the basement, in the hallway with 2 chains with 5 chains, were all stolen: / Beautiful feeling is not the, was already thinking laughing a third dog: D But since I've seen that one itself with 2 adult Kangal still can come home and discovers an intruder, I know the one with dog also not safe living problem is that the not easy on blue pure tap and enter, but spying a weeks and observed in the case of Kangalbesitzer have just waited until the Gassi Gone are:.. / It may also be the have noticed nothing your dog because her since grade Gassi since gone or the like ....

abusing a dog as alarm is not only stupid but also not effective enough. imagine who would dog tangled with the thief of your bicycle and had been injured. thieves and other gesoxe are almost always armed with knives.

rather mount a few cameras for deterrence, perhaps even one with wireless internet access for mobile phone, gibbet already for small money and wait until your dog has come from to decide what to do ...

Sorry - I am indeed an enemy of it, but do the dogs sharp.

We had even 3 German Shepherds, one of which was taken by Trainier really "sharp". This was a machine as described in the books. He has put on command and bitten (only with the drain closed bloodlust no longer) ... but that's all half where wild. Otherwise, I recommend the purchase of firecrackers automatic firing devices, this can be loaded with 9mm tear gas cartridges. Use a thread comes the guarantee is no longer on the idea of ​​taking in the hut with a wheel.

In order to "guard" your goods and chattels from now can, I might have decided rather for an alarm system ...

You can from your well-trained new "second dog" not expect after such a short period of acclimatization already so much to know the plot to guarding ...

You must still grow together until a perfect family team.

Works even further because a very good bond with the dog build.

IPO is a game for the dog, thus he no longer fits. My dogs are eg. not performed IPO yet beware.

Let the dog first arrive and see his new home than at home. Then comes the careful vlt.

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