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I have a 4 year young Doberman dogs. We have found about 2 weeks ago that our fun-loving, active and playful dog not even more power has to catch a ball. So we went to the veterinarian. After an X-ray check came the news. Water accumulation in the chest area. He has a Thoraxerguss. We left in 2 days in a hospital and it was punctured. Unfortunately then a tumor was detected by cytological examination. It was clear, we get back to us. According to a further X-ray examination, less water has been found ... Kordison and antibiotics are to serve now. We wanted to perform a CT (computer tomography), so that one knows where the tumor is and whether it can possibly remove him, of which the doctor advised us off but because the risk would be too great that he offers are already dying. We have to grade every 2 days to check whether the water is more. He often needs to get out and pees himself off completely lifts his leg for 1 minute! and when we go in, he drinks his whole bowl out again.

I'm desperate .. maybe you is already so issued? Long story ... but sorry vllt has anyone gone through the same thing and I pass my miracles but ...

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FYI: Did specially our vet asked if he has pain, because he should have any, of course we are so grown up and let him go. But he has confirmed that he has no pain, as long as the water does not play more and he therefore could not breathe.

maybe you is already so issued?

we had the same problem with a dog 2 years ago. Unfortunately, despite intensive efforts veterinary deteriorating air get so we had to leave then euthanize. Our dog could no longer be played, then got no more air.

Watch it on and if you think it is no longer, if you have the dog can redeem!

If the tumor has already spread, the days of your dog are unfortunately counted :-( Went us similar, but it went very fast.

Enjoy the time you have left! It can go so fast.

If you have to let him go because the metastasis attacking organs and thus more severe symptoms, then he look into your eyes. He will tell you when the time comes.

Before he is put to sleep, watch him again in the eye and say goodbye. I do not have this last look that plagues me immensely.

Everything good for you.

And the metastases are already scattered ...

But he is by nature, all the old dog!

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