Water in the ear - Who Council?

Hi, since yesterday I have the problem that I have water in the ear. The doctor said it will come by itself, and I will stop by again after some days, if not better.

Water also flows out in small amounts but that has been going on since yesterday that. Meanwhile already doing my whole head hurt through all the contortions that we should do.

Has anyone a hint what can I do?

Thank you :-)

The best answer

Just try to keep your head at a slight angle, and then pull the earlobe: -.) (The lobe obliquely downward pull)

Slight left water in the ear = left angle

Right water ...

but you'll know :-) Good luck

Give it a whirl with red light irradiation, several times daily. Minimum

5 minutes.

This is also quite often happened to me. But it's going out maximum after 1 week or so.

I am in dlrg, so I have that too often, this really is simply by itself away, and takes just annoying Mfg de Fanta

Hitting the head with the ear on a pillow. On bessten in bed

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