Website (HTML and CSS) Several pictures during visualize scrolling ...

Hello everybody,

I would like to create a website with HTML and CSS. I've also been the backbone. Now I want to make visible when scrolling images. This is difficult to express ... so here's a sample page:

if you will scroll down a screen that is visible in the background apparently and is again obscured by the foreground. Below is the same with a different image. Does anyone happen to how to do such a thing? Maybe someone can help me;)

LG Calamann

The best answer

This effect is called parallax and can be implemented either with pure CSS3 or using JS (jQuery). If you are using jQuery Parallax as a search term, you'll find lots of examples. I gave you an example of a wanted on jQuery base out.

LG medmonk

Looks to me like JS.

These are just normal images, no Background Images I think

This is done only with CSS.

Search times in the source code here after

Website (HTML and CSS) Several pictures during visualize scrolling ...

and background-4b.jpg

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