Websites basic knowledge of dog ownership

Does anyone know the web pages the confident information about dog ownership for beginners give ?? thanks in advance Tomokowiehler PS: Grundaussattung should be included in the page

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Yes, the pages of Buchändlern. Get hold books from the Animal-Learn-Verlag. Because you are in good hands. Http://

Your two on 18/03. questions have been answered but also you some length ...

Are you now from getting to terminate a dog into the enclosure ???

... And the coat scissors you do not need now?

Ok, you are now ready to make a reasonable beginning for

the thing with the dog ...

Very good books on the subject, check with amaz .., at book look ... in 3, 2, 1 ...

View books from an animal-learn-Verlag ...

What are you always talking about the "basic equipment" ???

... At the beginning there is the book!

The best are still books. On the Internet everyone can write, even people who know about no little dogs.

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