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Hi I'm 1.81 and weigh 75kg so. 1. this is too much? 2. My dad is small like me, has little bellies off now nich bold or so, and weighs as much he means is bit too fat or? 3. I professional football game, I strongly by Trained legs, how can you calculate or see how much muscle mass has a body and how much fat, which is all about: D Thank you!

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Hello! One can measure or precisely measure the so-called KFA (body fat percentage) but can I think about nothing. The experienced athlete sees and realizes he has too much fat. Whether it fits just depends upon man by the muscles. I'm 1.78 and weigh slightly more than 90 kg - but would rather called slim. I wish you a relaxing, happy and good Easter. Pleasant Rest - Holidays.

Yes so if you are trained well this is understandable because muscles weigh more than fat. There are I think so balances the show you the I know but it does not look as good

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