Weis is not what dog going

The dog groans all the time; vomits constantly shaking like hell and is thick in the abdominal region. Do they react also does really and it looks weird. My cousin is quite desperate we do not know what to do

The best answer

go to the vet and fast!

there is always a prompt intervention (call the vet, and listens on the AB her who notdienst -or the next animal hospital - which have a 24 hour service!


would therefore not have to wait. does not sound good. All the best

Ulcer or something poisonous eaten, definitely there is an urgent

From To Doctor My dog ​​had the same thing and it Turned out an ulcer on stomach ... So to your starting spot to doctor

Meanwhile her dürftet surely have aroused your parents and are determined to take care of the dog ...

Easter holidays and the kids are bored ...

... But they are totally helpless when your own dog sometimes goes bad!

Have you actually heard of a duty emergency vet?

Immediately to the vet !!!


Greeting Sunny

Veterinarian and quickly

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