were fooled by a friend

Hey. Two months ago, I met up with my friend and everything was good. He was very sweet to me and we have done a lot together during the week because it is often come after school to me and surprised me. Last weekend I was with him and it was absolutely beautiful and it has also fallen. But when he left mitseinemn mates during the week he was the next day so weird to me and I have spoken to him on it and then he meant yes, he no longer loves me and he never wanted a relationship. He would want to do with meh seiben pals and then starts football again (because he plays football) and he would find it not good if we every two weeks at the weekend to see us ... the problem is I understand it just did not we would go get but he throws it all away and then still says to me that he never wanted a relationship. I do not know what to do I miss him and am incredibly sad although I do not see it but it tears me and I could always cry. What can I do you think or what would you do in my place ?? Thank you in advance

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Give a kick in the ass to him - but hard also.

If he leaves you hanging because of his mates and his football already, then that's not really something serious. He used you, with you presented along the lines of: "I also have a" .. This is not a basis for a future life. Believe me - later in life - there come a lot of other problems where you have to stick together as partners. Obviously, he is not ready for a relationship.

As hard as it drops you - let him pull! Show him the cold shoulder and break off contact. I know - it's hard. Especially when it is perhaps even first love. But otherwise he does with you what he wants now. Since you will not be happy. You what deserves better - and there will come a time where you're happy and all have forgotten. And then you'll be proud of you.

Much love and head high.

If you're sure that he loved you even'd I wait at your de stelle.Der then comes already crawling. ; D

I wish you all the best.

Your Karatekid123 has also lovesickness.

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