What a dog instead ruff up do?

my dog ​​has been spayed on Friday and got a ruff so that he, the threads not rausreisst. but he can not handle, do not eat and do not sleep with it. some they thought their dog have something else done up, but we have no idea. you know maybe what? Kind regards

The best answer

but he can not handle, do not eat and do not sleep with it.

to eat and go walkies you can remove him the thing yes. Unfortunately, almost all dogs have problems with this Krause and it takes a while until they have become accustomed. Des night he must however, to keep it if you do not want all night long watching the dog. Or put a muzzle, but then you have to watch whether the wound area thereby remains truly protected. Many dogs can also hardly become accustomed to a muzzle.

Hello! When my dog ​​that worked with a matching baby - garment. All the best.

I have the ruff replaced by an undershirt with my dog.

Rod through the headboard. Front part of the undershirt on his back, legs through the armholes.

"Surplus" of the undershirt together turn into a corner, zuknoten or tie, fasten Zipfel then loose the collar. Emergency with a ribbon.

I do not know what you have for a dog ... with a "mini" it probably works, if at all, only with a children's undershirt.

When Gassi naturally go off. As the dog must anyway remain on a leash, he need neither ruff still Vest

Tshirt tinker zurest or bodysuits.

One can the dog also a Body (Onesie etc.) attract, so he does not go to the threads.


pick yourself up tomorrow next Fressnapf store the inflatable cervical collar:


not tormenting your dog so bad.

Get well!

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