What a pet except dog or cat?

Hey, so I have long will have a pet, but do not know which. I once had budgies, but I found it boring. I would also like to have a cat, but my mother does not like the dogs and before I'm afraid.

So you maybe would have proposals which are fun and interesting for pets? I actually thought of a turtle, but they are kind of boring: / Thanks to all answers in advance :)

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And there are dogs in cats Forma) The new friend of my daughter brought rats into the house and I was surprised at how funny, docile and intressant are. But it pay: at least 2 and same sex, otherwise you next year 1000;)

How about one or two guinea pigs? Guinea pigs can also be interesting and trusting. ;)

What can you offer an animal then? One does not look for nevertheless animals after "Funny" factor from. Almost all animals must be kept in a group, you is that clear? So what you can offer what you can spend, how much time you want to invest?

Maybe you buy every month a new stuffed animal, so it does not become boring.

Gerbils are great but they must be kept in groups and need a large cage you can also deal well with them and teach them a lot :)

I must honestly say that I doubt that an animal is in good hands with you, if it is only to be funny. By the time you have to make the stable, the terrarium or aquarium clean, the fun is over for the time.

Bird budgie or a turtle would be quite nice

So I did a little rabbit and the girl is not boring with her I have a lot of fun and I can give you a rabbit very empfehlen︝

Hamster? Guinea pig? Gerbils? Steppe lemming? Degus? Chinchillas? Hare (rabbit)? Please do not tell the parakeets and turtles are boring! After all, nothing can therefor and if you with you something "Among you taking" then you can eg turtles also have fun!

Rat, mouse or hare / rabbit


a hare

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