What a punishment I get if I do not imagine the Veterinary my dog?


I have an Old English Bulldog. The veterinary requires me a certificate of competence, and to submit an insurance. so far so good, I also prepared the submitted because it indeed is so common are dogs over 20kg and / or over 40cm tall .. but the veterinary office also wants me to come with the dog so that can classify as list dog or say that it is not a list dog is .. this is very controversial that it is the race to a list dog is some courts have matched the well it is not a list of dog anyway ...

What punishment I get so if I only the paperwork will file say Sachkundenachweis insurance etc .. and my dog ​​not where let imagining? Will I taken my dog?

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Ah, the Vetamt again goes for fools.

Since you have papers you can Vetam nothing and it must not examine your dog, provided you behave properly.

First you contact the club http://www.cobd.de/oeb_probleme.html

then to your lawyer and he put equal before the judgment of Potsdam.

The Vetamt has to doubt the papers while OEB no right or presume to make to its own breed determination.

If that were my dog ​​and get so stupid me, I would expel them completely fix.


Qualifications for 20/40 dogs is not difficult to acquire - the answers should any reasonably informed dog owners shake out of his sleeve (at least in NRW).

Liability insurance one should in any case always have - otherwise you can be poor in the worst case.

There are also for your state a detailed list which dogs to "Class 1" of "dangerous dogs" belong. This is quite different from state to state. But always the races are explicitly listed.

And if you can not prove by breeding papers the breed of their dog, then such a dog must be precisely assessed by the official veterinarian or another competent person to "predominant race". That's not an act.

What can happen? It begins with a caution money - and can stop that you your dog is removed. For "Class 1 Dog" may just be kept only under very special conditions. Who wants that does not meet or satisfy - of showing that he is not responsible enough to be allowed to keep such a dog and can.

So - there you have no other choice than the pads "work" if you want to keep your dog.

Good succeed


About this problem you may have been surely informed before buying?

The OEB's no recognized FCI race - so it looks with recognized descent papers indeed rather bad.

Therefore increasingly holder must provide information on the origin and descent of their OEB, as more and more dogs are logged out of dubious origin and questionable lineage as OEB.

Thus the holder is given the opportunity to prove that it is the question dog just not a direct progeny of such races, which are managed as list Dogs Nr. 1,.

So why upset at you? If your dog is not directly a descendant of such "list dogs", then you've got nothing to worry about.

And if it just yet is such a dog - then you know in advance, come what circumstances and costs to a.

OEBS are yet no list dogs. Was your dog flashy? It is taken expensive and in the worst case you get the dog in any case.

You have the imagining, otherwise you will come to you.

Can you prove the breed, nothing happens. Is it registered as a OEB, but actually a mix-unknown, the Veterinary Services can to as Staff - add mix. Depending on the law of your state then you have the conditions for list dogs meet and nachzeigen or the dog comes into your home! Or directly to the home.

If you imagine the call the dog fail to comply, you can also save the rest. Yourself deny to an authority creates backpressure, which makes it worse.

You have only two options, firstly you can add yourself and bring all evidence inclu. the idea of ​​the dog or you go with the animal into the ground.

If the result of a demonstration by the Office is not how you want it running only then does a lawyer sense. Before bringing the nothing except cost.

It's relatively easy to solve: View in the country Dogs Act of the State in which you live and are reported to - and you'll see very quickly whether your dog is one of the list dogs mentioned therein. Always think well tuned: Mix with list Dog = also list dog.

it is in the race to a list dog is some courts have agreed that it is not a list of dog well anyway ...

In court never voted on whether your dog is a Listi or not.

Only the country Dogs Act is a basis for classification.

What is the nonsense? Work and exercise with your dog for the character test - then you have nothing to fear.

You have to refer to boast a clean record, a valid dog owner liability insurance, etc. - that you experience the vet office or the regulatory office, Abbot Hundewesen..

Penalty for not complying with the arrangement? You're so from about 1000 € there ... As a criminal you will then also out ...

The dog is taken away you and you get an attitude ban for dogs.

What keeps you from getting to introduce your dog to the Veterinary Office? Is there any reason?

Did you generally a problem with that, you keep to the rules, regulations and laws? You not only since the Post know that the authorities know.

Work it off, well it is.

Go with it, it is only expensive if you do not gehst.Drücken not do.

De dog is drawn, and you get a hefty Geldstrafe.An the laws should stay.

Lad times picture.

tja is nunmal so if one so At length an animal. in offending you get a fine, the good cook can be 1500-2000 euros, and if you refuse dog than to register the list dog ect then you can be taken away from the dog and when it runs quite stupid then the mutt euthanized.

a list dog, it is not only when the mutt from a documented controlled breeding comes this is the case so you have the necessary papers to prove it, this is not the case then it is and remains a list dog

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