What a race has the dog?

I wanted to buy a dog and would like this race you know as they say ??

The best answer

I guess that he / she is a hybrid (or as a biologist would say a hybrid is I hate it but we were finally in bio) is definitely sweet but not lie down too much on a race determined go to the animal shelter and watch the dogs on there

poor viewing angles of the photos ... could be a wire-haired dachshund or a spaniel breed

Definitely a sweet dog. Probably a hybrid.

Google Image Search also provides nothing more accurate

my opinion, a cocker spaniel puppy or a Cocker mix

Google times after Cocker Spaniel (puppy)

Why do you want to buy you this breed? Because the animal looks so sweet?

If you want to buy a dog, you should inform yourself once on the individual races and find out so, what breed is right for one.

Hard to say, perhaps: Golden Retriever

Hello fallinlovewithu,

in my opinion, this dog is a mixed breed ,, ".

MfG Angelika

Do you have a picture?

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