What are Boxer Strings well?

Hey, I just got a little looked for new underwear to make some suggestions of my friend, I found Boxer strings and have no idea what purpose these have sollen..kann me as someone a helping hand? I mean, strings are not for everyone, but it likes to wear. But the real reason for strings but is actually of that looms nothing, right? So why Boxer strings? Since the advantage is again there, or not?

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This is of course a matter of taste. But I, as a woman and also passionate String wearer find this Boxer Strings terrible and absolutely turn-off. Just Jocks. Strings just because nothing will emerge is not always so. I Wear because it is very convenient for me, I is simply feel good and when I'm traveling for personal reasons, then to the also quietly emerging or shine through something. I once must wear Women Boxers, because I had forgotten my panties and there was nothing there, but I'm just telling you, never again. That was a nightmare and I then prefer entirely omitted a panty. But what you want to order as is your thing and they should naturally already also have a say. If they want to try it, it is ok. But I think, as a string wearer will probably prefer a nice string or Mini String and I think it is the fact to feel more comfortable. Because we women feel in our sexy underwear like very well.

Oh, no, so that was not meant ^^ I look so for them, since they would soon want to order from Hunkemoller and she asked me to look at what would me because so like her;)

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