What are dog tax?

I want to have a dog and have ever since little gegooglt stood pet tax but I've also specially gegooglt but not understood so anyone knows what it is and for what is this good ?! Thanks in advance: D

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Dog tax - if you have to get a dog into the house, must be registered in this your city or your church, you need to just pay taxes for your dog. This is from state to state and community differ as well, the size and the individual races are taxed differently partly. There are list Dogs are additional divided into categories and there are additional provisions for it. The individual prices can tell you your local council or city.

What taxes are you know it?

Whoever keeps a dog, must register this with the tax office. And then you get a notice, after you have to pay a dog license fee every year. The varies widely depending on the city. What is to be good? Rip off!

But if you get caught with a dog without tax stamp, it still costs a thick fine addition.

The dog tax is a "luxury tax". It is determined by the individual municipalities. there are even some that charge no dog tax. often must also at several dogs are paid in addition HIGHER control

In addition to the revenue purpose pursued the dog tax as municipal incentive tax the regulatory purpose of limiting the number of dogs in the municipality.

than something like legal additional ingestion of community.

Dog tax is a tax that you pay so you must keep dogs ...... breeds in some the tax to likely prevent pretty high on the "attack dog list" can be really expensive .... which put many municipalities to that exists of these dogs too much in this community .... but there are exceptions .... eg. Are tested rescue dogs or guide dogs for example, au of the exempted tax ..... the tax must be spent by the municipality by the way not for anything in particular but the municipalities fragrances of the money they spend taking characterized for what they want

Anyone who has a dog must, dog tax paid in Germany, that's just so regulated, as well as tobacco and alcohol and gasoline is taxed. One often talks about that they indeed the streets vollsch ..., but basically it's just a sort of luxury tax, because you have something that you do not necessarily need to live.

Cats do not pay tax.

The easy only fills the coffers of the municipalities. She is thrown into a general pot and used for anything Arising. As road repairs, the new company car of the mayor, etc.

Only very few municipalities use the dog license fee for the people who pay them well. Actually, it's only a luxury tax because the municipalities this source of income no longer want to let go.

For a dog to do you think you have tax Zahlen.120 Euro I pay a year in taxes for my Hund.Kann nonetheless continue to be expensive.

There are not only the Hundesteuern- us 132.- per year. In addition, a liability of about 70, - per year, which is mandatory. An OP -Insurance if you want the 150, - per year. If you Good quality food reckon, per day 1, - are the 365, - per year. Then you should have monthly 30, - put to the side for possible diseases, deworming etc .. (your dog gets older) I need a month 120.- only medications ....

These are just the cost. Do not forget the time he needs .... outside in any weather at least 3x 45 min a day etc etc

You have to sign at the town hall and pay annual tax in the manner specified in this county height the dog.

that is money that you have to pay each year your common for the attitude of your dog. usually gets the holder for a brand which he hangs the dog to the collar.


You pay taxes to the tax office for the dog, which is comparable to a car tax.

In Germany, every dog ​​owner has for his dog tax payable to the municipality / city ...

The amount of dog license fee is very different and is set by the cities and towns each self.

It is a control order (supposedly) to keep the number of dogs small ...

These tax revenues are used to everything possible - but not for animal welfare, new dog exercise areas or something similar ...

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