What are there splashing around for races in the dog?

We've brought a dog and at races is only half-breed. None of us knew what might be in our small breeds for splashing around, their wist since vlt what?

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Can you even a photo booth late filing? Might help to confirm my suspicions, or even to reject it.

So: From the body length, the proportions and the leg length something bigger is it, like Husky or German Shepherd. The ceiling reminiscent mainly on the back of the Schäfi. Form of capture as well. The slightly almond-shaped eyes occur in both of the aforementioned breeds.

Ears and coat color then have rather to something colorful comes naturally. Basset, JRT, Beagle.

The head shape is nice to see yes in the profile me more reminiscent of a greyhound. For Schäfi & Co is too delicate and too narrow.

Whatever's inside has formed over several generations.

but to claw it is :-)

Good question.

Could a German Shepherd and / or a Husky with be in it. Possibly also a Podenco insofar ears remain what greyhound-like was the head.

But the boy is not yet fully grown. Since it is always difficult to make regular statements to reflect actual proportions given.

But I could live there in it what what viiiel viiiel movement needs =)

Clearly a mustard dog, as did each of his two cents ... ;-)

yes a nice mustard dog :) unfortunately you can moor there nix only on appearance, clearly there are similarities to other breeds, which can also be pure chance but. My idea where I have so watched the unlikely mixture of: husky, beagle and perhaps a shot Greyhound. I see that in there, but must be net, simply because many things can also be a coincidence .... Husky precisely because body and coat, Beagle because the look of comes over me so Beagle default and the color and Greyhound just by the head shape and sleek body shape while lying.

Since everything might be in it, that's probably one whose parents were all before mixing Inge. But he is really cute;)

shepherd x husky perhaps, but what I have to say again and again can be in real mongrels off the mark with guesses ... fortiori whom it street dogs are from abroad, there are mixed race over generations since then evtl.nur helps another DNA test

Mongrel mix

but what does not matter in there is. If you know there really want you only DNA testing remains.

Take it as it is. If one suspects any race then the person tends to interpret something racial Typical inside.

As a Parson Jack Russell could become a part of this case be

Hybrids are the best, because with pedigree dogs is often the problem of inbreeding. My dog ​​is similar, only darker ;-)

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