What are typical Vorturteile the profession banker?

Hello wanted to know everything there was to prejudice in this job before? Thank you Mfg

The best answer

Apparently you are you your career choice but not so sure. Then you'd would rather do something else.

The need for your parents, why do not want to do that:


Customer Service Desk:

- Filling Support plate for transfers, check deposit (for people who can not write, can not read or overwhelmed with the simplest are)

- Filling Support plate for transfers from the machine

- Card Kto. Abstract Printer Server in the assistance for people who their card can not be inserted into the machine

- Assistant consultant in the field: help clamp the coins in the self-service terminal

- Assistant in the field of counseling, how much is in the account and helpers in the area, as I leave the debit decline

- Assistant in the field: Help my account is locked watt nu '?

- So full of beautiful job where you have on certain days to do only with certain layers, depending on the bank, depending on where you are

at the counter as such:

- Geldannehmer and spenders in the field of assistance

more prejudices:

The clothing that is worn there would style or have value,

a monetary value was sometime ago, more or not, that is the question.

GET READY advantages:

Good teaching, good content, good training allowance

and depending on the probably beautiful areas .... everything an approach ...

but bureaucrats have, pencil pushers, transposed digits, boring ... Those are just stupid prejudices.

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