What breed is the dog in the middle in the picture below?

Hello, I wanted to ask what breed the dog is in the center of the image. He used earlier roads dog in Greece. I Währe pleased with helpful answers. Thanks in advance LG

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In the photo sits Wunderhübsche between a black Labrador and a blue until isabellfarbenen Weimaraner.

The in the middle of a mixture of those two could be. In any case, a whole blood - hound.

Good luck the Fellnase.

This is different breeds or mongrels have immortalized. That to get out should be almost impossible.

With us it is called a Mopsgedackelten Greyhound.

So dear emmy8201 if you got the dog as a gift, but then the question is unnecessary for a race ...

Have a lot of pleasure and fun with the hopefully healthy Stragrami or mustard dog !!!

Looks Mongrel so no race.

Looks like a thoroughbred hybrid.

This is a hybrid in the nth generation). Maybe a long time ago a hellenikos ichnilatis been involved, I'll find that your dog goes towards "Bracke".

This sogeannten stray dogs from Greece, Italy, Spain, Romania, etc. are hybrids of various breeds. These animals are unfortunately grown to a great extent in order to hung shores for a lot of money to those Germans who fall repeatedly on it and actually thinking, but these were so poor stray dogs and which are then purchased for totally overpriced money.

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