What breed of dog is that? Urgently

Hello my love. Which one of you can help me. I need to find the breed of dog this dog. She is now 4 months old. I hope you can help me. Would be very grateful for any Helpful Answer.

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What kind of a dog I do not really, but a small dog, it is not. The is definitely bigger, as I'm sure. How big a dog as is can be seen on the feet, the thicker the paws the larger the dog.

In puppies schwerr to say.

The head looks like what Nordic from (Husky and Co). Contrasting könnts be nen Jacky.

Let it grow and see what is out of it. If you have to get nen surprise package darfte dicvh überr wonder nix :-)

How big is the now that is so difficult to see? A Big dog would with 4 months already quite large A Rottweiler example would have its 30 cm height Schulte.

Jack Russel terrier

A mix of all sorts. Can you still not at all seen in this age ...

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