what breed of dog may hold man out there ?!

I wish so like a dog but my parents do not want have so I wanted to first ask what breed of dog (which is not so large) can live outside and we have a large garden and a garden house would we herrichten artgerecht insulated house that would go ??! And I wanted to ask it is that the dog really only alone at night in the summer house (in the isolated house) sleeps and but there remains alone during the day with me is out there and play time in the garden house little !! So which dog breed is suitable (not so great) ?? Can he stay over night alone because he is sleeping anyway determined and I daytime only care about him ?? And it would with the summer house and the isolated house, the garden house drinne is going ??

Please answer only ask this !!!!! And advice would be good too !!! :-)

The best answer

So when I look here your comments on the whole nice-intentioned and true answers, then I think that you nothing but "Oh yes, to be what locked away for a wonderful idea! Your dog makes it determines nothing at night anyway! buy yourself the best several dogs, that's absolutely no effort "want to hear. Then just alternate but no question, if you know anyway that you will not accept any other answer than this! And the answer to your question, which was also written several times: No, it's not okay! Dogs are pack animals and they need you! Even if you were to play all day with them (you but not make it, because you first school, it is bad enough that the dog all morning alone, but then locked away him even at night ?! You make secondly homework have, which is also again half an hour which it goes! you have to learn thirdly classwork and tests that are pending, in time you can not help your dog! and you fourthly can not spend your entire free time with the dog, you can not manage! that's it from my side!

that really only alone at night in the summer house sleeping dog (in the isolated house) and there remains alone but during the day is only with me outside and sometimes in the garden shed little play !!

daytime You are at school and hit you with friends and if you're sick times, then who cares about the dog? Each dog has to live under such conditions / is, would feel lonely and suffering and would only bark, howl and whine! After a short time the neighbors and your parents would be annoyed! Dogs are pack animals that need a lot of society and employment. If you can not provide a decent life a dog and a dog in your family is not welcome, you have to on a dog without!

Grow up and buy yourself a dog if you have enough time and money. Dogs are namely also very expensive!

clearly does that, you can every dog ​​keep out and if you stall the isolierst, even a naked dog. only beautiful is such a dogs life not and certainly not appropriate to the species.

Then rather have a dog! I offer you better in the neighborhood as Gassi man on.

A dog needs more than 3 times the Tah gassi and play times. What have you for ideas?

A dog wants to sleep at night in his pack. How are you going to take care of him for the day? YOU have necessarily to school, your German is yes grottig.

If you loved dogs, as you say, you would not even occur to such a dog to keep or would see, you do not in a position're a dog to keep.

But no, you're selfish and a dog to suffer just because you really have a dog like.

Yes really great to play alone, time off and so a bit. The lässte times my good stay. Or du Bock had at night to be locked away in a garden shed?

Buy yourself a dog. The dog needs his family! And should not somewhere else life, and especially small dogs and large either, so that is not at all!

No you can not. Dogs are pack-animals and you or your family are his rudel .. if you wegsperrst him every night (in his eyes), which is not appropriate to the species and destroys his confidence in you every day again.

Ah, that reminds me of the question whether there are children who can be proposed if they are annoying. If you know a place where you can park your children well and to which they are happy to own, write me necessarily.

That would certainly be a good place for a dog!


A dog wants to be with his family and not be in the garden shed. No, you can not!

Greetings, Flupp

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