What can a machinist

I start my training soon and what a machinist I know everything, even what I'm doing so during training but what am still so interested in what I learn at school like this. Thanks in advance.

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First, the basics, the construction of tools and their designation. Then first of all something filing, sawing and drilling, tapping of external and internal threads. After turning and milling on conventional lathes and milling machines, so even without a controller. Then it comes to training ans canned because you

Write in the final examination, a program for a machine tool

must. A Zerpanungsmechaniker rotating shafts or milled parts, according to a

predetermined drawing. Also working on grinding is one of them.

At school you learn the designation of parts of a rotary cutting machine whose basic structure, and Manschinenbau is part of the training. So the difference, for example, by hydrodynamic and hydrostatic lubrication. Physical fundamentals such types of friction.

The Basic principle structure of transmissions.

Calculations of speed, the drawing read and create technical drawings themselves. In addition, materials science, such as steel and other metals ever recovered and prepared. The construction of a blast furnace, an open-hearth furnace, the difference between Thomas and Bessemer converter, so the converters, which converter has an acidic lining and which is a basic, process the pig iron to steel.

The different types of ores like magnetite, lignite or haematite. and other. Given the various materials testing methods are as hardness testing, tensile test, impact test and how to interpret these different properties of the materials. The theoretical foundations on which way

can be cured or quenched and tempered steels, in which varieties it works and those that were not. Also the calculation of tolerances is one of them. Dealing with tables from the table book, the extracts from standards.

I had the dubious pleasure of Oxy-acetylene welding, ie to learn with Atzetylen- and oxygen tank at the vocational school. It depends on what your teaching all manufactures that. I had to learn something about hydraulic 1983 Various types of hydraulic cylinders and directional control valves.

Also the distinction between different types of machine parts, such as the difference between a normal screw and an expansion screw, why when an expansion screw is used in the machine and when not. Off course also learn about the different materials, which are used to Hertel Lung tools such as high-speed steel, carbide or Oxydkeramische Scheid substances.

Today also knowledge of the manufacturing technology such as the spatial axes, various levels and the various commands a view

CNC-controlled machine tool added. What I learned, what you but no longer going to learn is a very old technique for connecting

Machine parts or components. The rivets. What is their preference and what

Disadvantages of this. We have learned that was made at the more than 2 million rivets of the former workers in the construction of the Eiffel Tower not only bore false. Not even a single rivet. Of course we had something then still calculate. The remains you

but spared. Some theroretische basics Konstoffverarbeitung and preparation come off. Similarly, the different types of coating metals such as nickel, email, painting. In mathematics trigonometry something comes off, as with sine cosine, tangent, cotangent. Volume calculations. Calculations of the service life of a machine tool.

No fear. I've made with 47 retraining as a quality specialist for dimensional metrology. From 1980 to 1983, teaching as a lathe operator who had helped me later, as I was almost 15 years old and came from the elementary school.

A retraining with exactly these issues with a Zeuignisnotendurchschnitt of 1.37 and still live.

I wish you every success in your teaching.

Keep a stiff upper lip!

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