What can eat my dog?

Hello. I have a 6-month old french bulldog. I fed normal canned food in the first time, she has but iwann no longer tolerated. Then I switched to fresh fodder, I have her always fed raw, it also has good eating. For several weeks she eats it just seared. Unfortunately, she starts to refuse the food. What can I add or change, so they like their food back and eating enough?

Thank you :)

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Looking from the food that you think is best for this dog (diet food included). Then place your exact feed in the morning before the nose. Eats the dog - everything is fine - does not eat the dog, then the feed is put away and the dog gets nothing. In the evening, again the food (from morgends) stand - presumably he eats it then. If not go the games as long as until the dog eats the food.

Who does not want it, already has it. If you start to offer every time another feed - dog likes / dog dislike, etc., then you move you toward a mäckelige Fresserin - eventually they got you in full control and you jump, because the poor dog so starved if it is not every day eats.

My animals eat what I offer them, or there is nothing. (Do not worry, with me still no animal starved, each has given of itself as the first My previous dog had a special food for allergy -. Could only eat the My present gets everything in fresh and raw form and must also eat what. she gets - what else there is simply not Let the one has proven a Allegie developed it, but then there's Allergy feed..

Is your dog very thin? If not, you can him good times starve 3-4 days - ie not he likes the food, take away and put down again the next day. Some dogs try owner / educate master and you should not put up with you.

If you are sure, because it is not then leave monitor health.

If everything is ok and health top is not the case or Hundi is too thin, you can personalize it with eg rumen meal try (sprinkle). Guess salmon oil give you - if not, also goes sometimes.

But there are also sometimes very different things that bring a dog to not to eat:

Is it a dog and are currently many oestrus go? If so, it may well be because.

I had the same problem, but:

My dog ​​was very thin. He did not eat - just a little or nothing at all. I let him starve 2-3 days - nothing. Property then everything possibilities exhausted his food to embellish. No chance.

By chance I was once in the evening at 23 o'clock feed and behold, he ate. Since he gets his food at night 22 to 24 pm. Think it is because we are all then relaxed. Even that would be worth a try.

Possibly even a spoon natural yogurt to eat mix, has helped very well with my dog ​​and carriers digestion. Or cook rice without salt and mix it with.

Sounds NEM curriculum: How do I train my NEN Mäkelfresser or how will my Mwensch trained!

A healthy dog ​​can auzskommen up to 14 days without Futrter readily. You should decide what is there, not your dog. Otherwise dioe problems are getting worse. As owner of all Königuin Mäkerlfresser I know we did wrong waas

times starving and have not ever fear m that verhungert-- thou uhst total they verwöhnt-- dislike eat, and what you buy newest stay with the frishen fodder --erkundige you but please exactly this kind of food - fresh is not only muscle meat, but also fat, offal, see and bone and cartilage and that of very different feed animals, not only beef and poultry - just look here www.barfers.de

has your dog leaking enough - 2-3 hours should there be a day even with small dogs, then it tastes Also-- nenötigt of fresh roughage dog nciht as much as of dosenfuttter.

I would look at your veterinarian to ask what he means to do so.

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