What can I do against someone who upsets me?

I hate a guy from my school ... It upsets me so! Can you write me tips on how I could fix vllt?

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Just ignore him. Go cold past him. Trusted him not look or if they sit on your emotionslosestes face, so that he realizes that he does not matter to you.

say Can then someday you deign to talk to him: "You are to me something of matter, I find you not even beautiful."

I'm only 16, but what I have learned above all in the last year is always to share your thoughts. Generally, it brings nothing audition the other something if they annoy you. If you have a problem with them telling them, do not necessarily have to be rude, and either it is defined and is better or the contact breaks off, so that you are then also your stress go.

ignore him, could wish away and go but probably will not work, unless you are the charming Jeanie out of the bottle. Active I would not do anything that would cause but everything else is not what you wish for.

Just ignore him and just laugh

He simply ignore

How about ignoring?

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