What can I do for my partner? She says what I do for them

I need your help I love this woman more than anything she tells me she does everything for me for them I was nothing, no material things. What gestures little things can I do? I'm just not it what she wants to say through the flower out. Wass can I do? Please help me what can I do that I see that I try. I want this woman does not lose it's my life. How can I be there for them as I can show it to her.

The best answer

Ask them directly what they expect from you. You can not read minds, and it should be clear that they never reached so indirect hints an "improvement" in their view. In such accusations I had in my relationship no desire. Moreover, it would bother me if my partner any material things I demanded as "proof of love". Small touches such as bring the favorite chocolate from shopping or so're really cute, but only if they are made voluntarily.

Ask her!

Nobody can read minds, not even you.

Me, for example, you can enjoy with things other than my daughters or my Freundinnen- the A perfume like that next to the latest bestsellers their favorite author, again A collects something and wants something for their collection ... because you can not a flat-rate give answer.

If they can advise you, then would it not be fair, because you could with a gift of miles away are what you, if it is unfair as a: You do not love me, or you would guess right, could interpret!.

So grab your girl and "squish" it from ...

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