What can I do if I sell a dog in installments, the buyer but no longer reach?

Hello friends, I have unfortunately sold a puppy to the wrong person in the summer. The woman told me that she had recently lost her dog in a car accident, I felt sorry for the (according to their own accounts destitute) woman. You promised me the monthly dog ​​pay off in installments, which worked well initially has (incl. Payment), but after about half of the amount to be paid remained from the payment. First, the contact her remained and subsequent payment was agreed. But since one month later still not paid, I tried to reach them again, but without success. They dismissed the calls and in their home no access was possible. Meanwhile almost half a year has been drawn with unsuccessful attempts to contact the country and now me the benefit of the animal is definitely more important than the lack of money. My question is: Do I have a way to get the dog back, or at least to check on his welfare? I appreciate any helpful answer and thank you in advance. Please help a dog lover! :-)

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Switching a lawyer and get the dog back! If she has no money for the rates they do not have it for the vet!

Dogs that are sold on the installment plan, as it were piecemeal ...

Mostly it is the dog not good. But that's also not the worry is mentioned with almost no word. Important are the rates, the coal, the purchase contract, proof of payment. The betrayed and sold dog becomes the subject, to the point.

First you have to first of all clarify what happens to the dog with us and he at the "rate shoppers" is still on site.

If so, when - the dog - there really very much, as has his caregivers for a dog's life - Would you then to the coal, dispense rates, fulfillment of the purchase contract?

If the dog goes bad you would money in the world shun him rauszuholen the unfortunate dog there ??

All for dogs, so to speak?

destitute) woman

to a destitute person I would not leave the dog, how will they / will finance a dog when it is destitute ?! And installment is usually unfortunately always a guessing game.

If it is moved, it will be difficult to find them. I would sometimes go to their specified address check and possibly also trying to track down, ask neighbors, etc ... Finally, but you will need a lawyer to enforce to you. Such people are often very callous and unwilling to agree by consensus.

Possibly it has the dog too long ago sold off to raise funds!

which has long mountains above all, never hang good money on sex. I also once made the mistake of making even when you "catch" a bankruptcy then you're eventually in space 100 at creditors the dog has long been resold.

Next times remain tough because, unfortunately, is often a lot "theater" pre-game :( with Mitt suffering stitch.

Without money, no goods easily.

Unless you've done with the Welpenkäuferin an ordinary purchase contract and the installment is stated there, I would go in your place to a (real cheap) consultation to a lawyer.

Your chances are good that at least another contact to the buyer can be produced. Is the lady but it is "destitute" - then you have to get little chance your money.

But if I gather from the text right above, it is first necessary to know you more importantly, how is the dog - and should learn to be made possible for you.

All the best and good luck

Contact the lawyer? , Police? or animal health? could possibly help a thereof.

Do you have a sales contract?

you can do it at the police try, but if there is no agreement can unfortunately do nothing.

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