What can I do if my dog ​​does, despite long walk walking into the apartment?

Hello, I have brought my now four year old female from a stall almost a year ago, she was so accustomed to any apartment. This, she throws herself under rapidly, which has become much better. The problem is that they gave me every now and then pees in the house even though we go long and walk regularly. That then also do secretly. And then they're getting longer not. I wonder now, it is because they had no home to date or worse, that she has with the bladder problems? Who can fully even give me some advice or an answer as to why that may be so.

Thanks in advance

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With such a problem, the first path always leads to the vet.

Training measures only make sense if a physical cause has been ruled out, because otherwise, the dog even at alem good will not affect.

Let the bitch completely by check. This could theoretically be anything from a castration-induced incontinence until the bladder.

My dog ​​was suddenly incontinent with 8 because he had an inflammation of the liver. When that was under control he was clean again.

If the vet gives his ok that bitch would be able to physically observe is to question how first you have built the housebreaking in the barn after time? Hst you punished / scolded for purely pee?

This could be a cause that they, if they must, then secretly hiding. Or did she stress and shows then in this way. Can you recognize any pattern when that occurs?

why can be so.

to the mögichen health aspect was already written.

But remember also that has a dog of the environment do not know from an early age, can be repeatedly easily distracted by new impressions, smells and sounds with long walks and thereby simply "forgets" to dissolve. It would be better, you would walk in front of the stay until the dog has achieved only once at one point. effusive praise on success not forget! I wish you success!

First veterinarian can examine. If it is not due to illness, consult a dog trainer for advice.

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