What can I do if not give me the breeder of my dog ​​after paying the pedigree

I have a Chinese Crested puppy bought at an official breeder that breeds a FCI recognized club in Holland, which was not cheap. She was so friendly and I was allowed to him to I think 4 or 5 pay rates. The pedigree should be supplied sand me when the last installment was received. The last installment was paid in November, 2014. To date, I've got no pedigree and she refuses also to my lawyer to give them out. We can not continue and the club about the contract expires, he said could not help us continue. urgently need some advice on how I can come to the papers. The breeder knew from the beginning that I used for breeding or the males in outside locations and use it as a stud dog and offer wanted. He is now 10 months and I want him soon test for genetic diseases, exhibit and make a Zuchttauglichkeitsprüfung, but for that I need the pedigree. Thanks in advance

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because you have already turned on an attorney, you will probably no other way than the suit left.

For all "damage" caused to you by the much too late publication of papers, the breeder can then also be held liable. But know your lawyer.

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So, yes, of course I have the receipts of remittances and also a contract. The union was not a hobby throw, the siblings of my Rüdens, the new owners, I have "read" online, the pedigree of course I saw and the breeder is known. He is not the first Chinese Crested I have, I had even been the first throw, even with papers but not on the FCI, because there is not always everything works properly in my opinion, as you can see again in the case , I attended seminars and also the essentials Skills according to §11. Unfortunately, my lawyer can not continue, even if the agreement on the German breed club CE running, so German law applies, the dog and born in Holland and passed there, as there the agreement was unterzeichnet..somit I would have to bring an action, a Dutch lawyer commission. What would be very expensive. The Ahnemtafel shall not be delivered because running woman M.Cornelius my dog ​​is half emaciated, too anxious and and a troubled relationship with me would have ... What is ridiculous was to be examined according to the statement directly to the vet to him and me confirm in writing contrary to leave. My dogs are not any breeding machines, they belong to my family, sleep in bed with me and I am them on the dog sports ground. We go to meetings and dogs my dogs regularly with current pictures and videos to view on the Internet.

Oh to a statement, a Chinese Crested is definitely no "agony breeding race"! Firstly, it is one of the oldest breeds already so exestierten in the 18th century, what there is evidence and, secondly, they are so funny, athletic, breathing freely, leggy with the perfect matched dimensions what greater concern physique and weight. The "nakedness" is brought about by the natural gene mutation has not grown compared to the men's under-bred German Shepherd hips, short muzzles the Bulldogs or the herrausquällenden eyes of pugs man. And what or how many puppies, really naughty coming in a litter of Chinese Crested dogs born or how many of these furry therefore born as Powder Puff ... this is not the night of the people but also the will of nature ... more or less ... unless you want the bare exterminate the race, then there would be the possibility to hand züchten..wäre my opinion an intervention in nature

Hi, positive advance you the dog indeed have. Are many who have paid and not get even the dog. And just because a breeder is logged eim FCI does not say unfortunately also the union automatically FCI is certified. If they wanted to save the procedure with Zuchtwart and guidelines so they may have had only a hobby and throw verschaukelt you ?? Have times because with the small to the vet because breed eliminating fault ?? Could imagine that they evlt himself up the papers do not have :( Is a shame ,, guess will have safe from € 1600 paid up or ?? dignity aufjeden case continue to hope that the lawyer there which finds out. Open but to which it should think towards fraud more times and should not insist on the publication of papers that have never exsistiert may :(

@ Sinac

Weird thing. Normally, breeders can not deal with mortgage payments because they are already often remained seated on the rates.

Reputable breeders have fixed prices and the club in which the breeder, you can not help?

She was so friendly and I was allowed to him to I think 4 or 5 pay rates.

You have to know the basis of receipts, have paid with how much rates but you. Should it be also in the contract.

To date, I've got no pedigree and she refuses also to my lawyer to give them out.

on what grounds it?

the club about the contract expires, he said could not help us continue.

why running the Treaty on the association? A contract between buyer and seller, the club ansich actually has nothing to do with special agreements.

You know because what Zuchtverband the breeder belongs? You could at the Association apply for a duplicate.

You have a contract? You've written down that the dog will be paid in monthly installments X? You have receipts for the paid installments? You have your dog with vaccination record, litter control protocol, inserted chip with registered Chip number received from the breeder?

With these documents, to the application for dog license fee payment and the dog owner liability you can prove that you heard the dog.

Responsible dog breeders in the Netherlands when the FCI belongs, organized Raad van Beheer ... (and of course in their race-club)

Let this "umbrella organization" write from your lawyer a complaint.

At the same time you can the pedigree as "lost" report and let you issue a double at the studbook office of the breed-club. This is associated with significant costs and fees.

And now something else:

You bought a puppy ... (have for you not even learned the basics) Without having previously participated in the internal association Maßnamen for prospective breeders (also known as dog agent) you want your dog after two successful completion of exhibitions and the necessary investigations, just let your dog meet merry drauflos ???

You bought the dog for payment by installments, which is not objectionable, but not necessarily evidence of a pile of money in reserve, and now you want as quickly as possible to earn the males, or with his sperm, money ???

Well, my thing would not's ...

Seems everything remains very Spanish. Not only because of the breeder, but also for you. You will pay the dog on rates from but know already fully how many have you paid Want necessarily exhibit the dog and mi9t him growing ...... Funny, funny. I doubt that it has überhaubt papers. Is it a known breeder of agony breeding stock?

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