What can I do if the frenulum is too short?

Hello, I'm derzeit13 years old and have a question / problem-. so I can get my foreskin not entirely behind the acorn draw without that's foreskin bändchen totally excited, in the flaccid state it comes without pain but already there spans it and the rigid state I can only with difficulty beat / right acorn roll behind. growing my foreskin bändchen yet and I can somehow solve the problem without having to go to the doctor to have to? and must can be foreskin in rigid state during sex retracted far enough that it goes over like a piece of skin? thank you in advance! schr Please do not just "go to the doctor" because I want to avoid exactly as it would be very embarrassing to me Thanks :)

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If you can pull your foreskin in the flaccid and erect state of your gate to behind the glans back, you never have to worry about, then everything is fine. That the voltage is better gradually and completely subsides, you can positively influence by enabling more completely retire your foreskin, especially if your penis is stiff. Especially do it even if you masturbate. Always the foreskin ember far, then eventually leaves the voltage to.

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What you have sounds - as you say already - for a too short frenulum.

However, you are indeed - as you say already - only 13 years old: So it can be very good that it easily grows together yet :)

The foreskin must only go right behind the glans - not.

With you so missing very little, so that's - and therefore I think that this will still BSelect by itself.

You can - if you want that - your foreskin stretch (ie each day retreat, and particularly when bathing always good soak) to a bit nachzuhelfen.

A doctor's visit is not necessary, do not worry. :)


  1. Are you only 13 that you should not worry too much what it looks like during sex that way.

secondly, it does not grow you need to stretch it regularly so that the tension is relieved. This takes time but do it better now because it gets later and more painful until you have time sex you should get it under control have :)

The best Antowrt but: go to the doctor.

Des has to be you net embarrassing, finally that's his job.

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