What can I do, my dog ​​can not disturbing sounds

Hello my dears,

I have with my little dachshund now a big problem.

Previously I had never problems with my big dogs. Since everything was okay.

The little dachshund is only 1 1/2, and I can just in the suburbs with streets around it is not disturbing sounds in the park.

Now I'm the bad old woman, who always walk leads her poor dog on a leash.

Here my little dachshund in the garden has enough exercise and can go with friends three times a week romp with other dogs.

Yesterday, I was something dressed in park. The man was again his dog on my going. When I asked him to please to leash his, he asked why? I meant that I would not discuss. As was the really angry, though moored his dog, but I thought, tantamount to the skin and you purely. - Yes, really, he came back angry!

He came back and shouted: "Then make her los kindly!" No really!! it was like this!! Do I have to constantly justify myself?

I am now no longer even in the park, but the side streets. But why can not take any consideration?

Because mine is on leash, other dogs come to us and naturally feel strong. Once my has already been bitten.

A ungeleinter little dog has already been run over, because people just do not lead him. I would not do to my. He has just been a lot of hunting instinct, which we are working. But in a rabbit he was over the hill, is just a Dackelchen.

Why is hardly a more considerate of dogs on leashes. There might also be that they were in surgery. All can be easily whirlwind, their dog.

What do you think about it? Thanks for answers

Greeting Andylin

The best answer

Considerate dog owners I know only here on the site, in real life dogs they meet me almost never ... ^^ Unangeleinte dogs in leinenpflichtigem area are here with me on the corner of the day ... I am already longer the superior, perhaps I should change the state ...

And teachings through these dog owners who do not abide by the rules, I could tell you now up and down praying :)

Let me not be misled! Do you act correctly, are bidding your dog welfare alternatives and do not have to be intimidated by so 'nem Wutbolzen you!

Maybe it helps you, sometimes to make a guided Hundewanderung. As my so old was like yours I did from time to time and it has a positive effect on the behavior of my dog. The dog learns to tolerate sometimes strange dogs on a leash and you're all as more relaxed, because not alone ... :)

All-time relaxed walks I wish you - hope dies last known! :)

I find it refreshing that someone realistically assess if and when enough grip he has his dog to be more secure disturbing sounds it. You write that your turn works that despite Jagdtrieb also goes more frequently and that the dog has plenty of opportunity for freewheeling, social contact and run. I think that's ok.

Fail is the behavior of others. Of course, have to keep their dogs with them, no matter the reason you are asking about. Of course you're not obliged to disengage your other because my then "play so nice with each other". Stay calm and do not let turn you on.

My dog ​​is at the moment only on a leash. The deer and rabbits turn druch ... and I have not the nerve to scan the whole area.

I let people talk easily and verjag unangeleinte dogs simply, although that makes mein.rüde mostly alone.

Participating Get a water bottle with (I can recommend the Active O2) and if a dog to nahkommst you give the dog a charge. This discourages, but does not hurt.

Unfortunately dog ​​owners among themselves are very often the * Pest *.

I tote my off on selected dogs. If a holder does not anleint his dog on request, then there is trouble.

I can give you tens call dachshund that never have let get reliable ...

At the incident: Of course you can and should perform if he is not just reliably retrievable your dog on a leash. Since you no one in interfering! And it was very correct of you to ask the other dog owner to take his dog on a leash.

If freewheel is allowed for dogs, which does not mean that you need to run your dog free!

I mean, you should urgently practice retrieving so that you can your dog disturbing sounds sometimes.

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