what can I do to crack windows 7 from the full version of Windows to get 10?

Hi Guys,

wanted to ask how do I get the full version of windows 10th

Have grade Windows 7 Home Premium with a crack key code so not original. Is it because I can not upgrade to Windows 10?

and if I buy the original version of windows 7 I can then free upgrade to Windows 10? Had it once with a tool tries to find that the internet is but my pc was after the download of windows 10 become tool and the completion extremely slow and barely reacts sowass I had on my windows 7 back.

What should I do to easily the windows 10 version WITHOUT any get ERROR?

The best answer

With a crack often missing files or are written that you can not upgrade. Win 10 investigated least for particular data on your pc but through the crack they are different and therefore not to be found. At the end you will need to buy both or your pc completely reset so brand new win 10 draufkommt.

Currently, there are windows 7 for about 30 euros zbbei Ebay. , Then you have a valid serial number. So you're free Upgradeberechtig. You have one year before uploading it

Dun'll get no other answer today.

Buy yourself an original and you get the upgrade for free

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