What can I do with a sudden underperformance my Internet connection?

Hello community,

I have been a few days, only about 25% of my normal Internet performance. I have been informed or as nothing. I am at Telekom. Is this irgenteine ​​interference from the telecom or is that me? I have restarted my router and Resets, restarted my computer, all the connections by gepustet times ... nothing ... Or can lose a router to power, when it is already about 2 or 3 years old?

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Hello BenjomasterSun. I want to help but have a few questions in advance like. Then we get back the.

What exactly do you mean by "normal Internet line"? What 25% are then, I already think I have made myself.

Then it interests me, of course, how to get to these values. Are been determined using a speed test or you have the read out of the router?


helps Kai M. Telekom

So because of humor, super Replies)

I know that the telecom Sch **** is.

But I still need help. That's NEVER happened.

Generally, the router does not lose more on performance, but it could also have a defect. Or something else on the PC slows down the connection. If wireless is used trying times directly via LAN. Also a disturbance in the Telekom may be natural, best times to call to the hotline and check so as to be measured speed.

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