What can I do? You gave away my dog ​​!?

2 years ago I gave my aunt my dog ​​because I could not raise enough time ... They said they will take him and they should find a new home, they are me know that I can just decide. Well, it has just simply given away him and me then after 2 days given over my mother modest that he's gone ... What can I do ... I'm just so sad because today is his birthday and I him not for 2 years because saw: / Please help me ... Can they show for something?

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You have the dog not seen two years? So neither visited nor missed something ... 2 birthdays and now suddenly you're very sad because he's gone and today's birthday. hmm .... so I think your aunt will have a good home and no, you can not view them vll. would have you so involved if you would have in the two years minded times.

No, you can not do anything more. And let's be honest, but you've previously also not thought to your former dog, why now ?? You could see him 2 years - who have animal rumreicht like an object, afterwards also does not have rumheulen. Real unbelievable something ..

Okay, you're sad .. but .. you have not seen him for 2 years, your aunt had told you, they would pass it .. and now that you did not see him 2 years (ie an incredibly close bond to him upright have received) it is a drama that she has given away it without them you just asked?

Sorry to say this so openly, but I place your aunt honestly would not even had the impression that you is not so important.

And show? There is a joke that you that are thinking about you at all.

After 2 years you thinking that you have parked your companions with your aunt, as a redundant piece of furniture. And now you're asking really what you as yet can do?

Well, that the dog has finally found a home, where he is not treated like a piece of furniture and is somewhere off and forgotten. Honestly, if it were you really been so important vorzuheucheln as you try us here, then you would have done it in the 2 years to visit him several times.

Thus, you only remains to howl about. What else kannste not make since. has passed since after 2 years, the dog already in the possession of your aunt, as she has paid dog tax, insurance, food and medical appointments.

You're a fake or ?? Dog's birthday and you have not seen him for 2 years, but because he has a birthday you're sad ?? if you have so long not seen him, it's not your dog, since you have not you taken care of him

No, you can not show. Otherwise you had no time for the animal and also not seen him for two years. So what is now the played sadness? Rejoice that the dog now has someone who can take care of him and hope he can stay there and it will not be passed on.

Well there was some agreement? Or witness what was said exactly?

Your aunt was indeed more o. Less only foster home. Be glad that the dog has a home.

Rejoice if he has a home, You already deported him!

what shoud that? after 2 years you think times the dog and is doing now a riot?

you make your aunt be grateful that she has so long been taking care of your dog and has now found a home ENUS ...

So if the dog you or your family were then they could not do that. An animal is treated before the law as an object and they should also not simply hand over your bicycle, that is, could you show already, but what that brings, and if you want the really ne another question ..

"Can they show for something?"

Are you crazy?! You give your dog just with your aunt from, and you have not taken care of two years to him ... And now you want it even show your own aunt ...

Why do you show your aunt who took care for 2 years to the dog for you had no time ... that you have not even visited more ... ???

You think pretty selfish!

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