What can not follow rules do against dog owners (dog waste removal)

Hello following problem, for over a year, there are in our property a family with dogs that the excrement can not dispose of principle and want. They were approached and warned of tenants, landlords. Unfortunately happened by the owners nothing. Since I took over the post of caretaker I she herself caught Koten, They promised improvement but after a short time tearing this problem again. I have the feeling that want us rchen all ver ... *** What are the options? Can the family also ads?

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Take a disposable glove, pack the bequest in a paper bag and stick it to the people in the mailbox. Inscription on the bag: Back to Sender.

Have yourself a dog, we vacate before our meadow from always. Since it is strictly monitored in our village. With us, from office to go up and make a check. Haste not bag it. If you get a first warning. We live in a Somewhat complex there is also seen a lot of other neighbors what happens. Unfortunately, we have many that do not do it anyway. Such there must be always anschwärzten the Office. Fang first order on whether the dogs are registered, that is ever expensive. And as soon as the public roads enter and make a pile. When Office blacken. A dog can have any but should then also make the manure way.

are theoretically due zugekoteter paths etc. Mietmindeurngen it. you should check with your fellow sufferers (co-tenants) talk, if you do not collect, the rent shall be reduced by a few percent. then the landlord will also react ...

but please let you previously repeatedly advocate advised by a.

lg, Anna

Hi Display is difficult, you'd have to prove that really originate the droppings of the dog, it is then yes in the burden of proof ..... evlt if you directly may appoint several neighbors as witnesses who have witnessed. Do not you have house rules ?? I would first report as a janitor the Owner and if the make the long way, other neighbors will hopefully have complained. Then the landlord can send them a first warning, the legacies of the dog must be collected with the hint. Have yourself also 2 dogs, but find you do not have to be kidding! This is to let shabby lie by the tenants all !! Otherwise, just like Groundhog Day remind people off, it is said the tasks snd always run the same and are repeated often enough easy to learn, might create the bounce again anyway: D

In almost all municipalities there is a regulation in this regard. A display at the clerk's office is therefore quite helpful.

talk to the landlord. he could admonish and threaten notice.

It is illegakle waste because the clerk's office would be responsible. Kost € 50

Ansobnsten warning and statement by the landlord. If something happened eg .. beeen playground nor bwesserr in Sandfkiste. Pricey ... something come as quickly NEN few € 1,000 together

Yes, there are ways ... And if dog owners were so often caught and addressed - they should now get in my opinion, even a "shot across the bow".

Call the clerk's office in your city, describing the incidents ... and there will be a toll caution!

Some dog owners learn namely only the use and handling of poop-bags when it comes to the wallets ...

On private property, the landlord must take action - public, you can turn on the clerk's office.

Pity such people bring landlord means that they do not tolerate any more dogs in the house: - ((


Yes you can. But one could also collect the pile in "stinky bags" and put them to the front door. Talk to you on mood, can you say yes: "Since they can not do it, I wanted to support" or similar ...

If the rental agreement or the house rules is that the not allowed the landlord can this Sacking no problems as far as I know, these people have taken no responsibility for their dogs and ask the owner if that comply with the house rules in the lease is I ichhoffe have helped you

Collecting the heap in bags and throw it to you in the mailbox!

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