What can you against colds so do it quickly possible goes away?

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If I knew exactly I would be a rich woman. The only thing you can do is inhale with isotonic saline using an inhaler daily nose with saline rinse (1 cup Wassser, 1 tsp Emser salt in the microwave for 1 min heat, then leave to cool;. Every morning and pull up every night until the re. and then li. nostril and then very carefully ausschnauben again). Nasal Care can not hurt for colds. GeloSytin is a good nasal care products. In severe cases, the evening etc. Nasivin use, so you can at least sleep. lg Lilo

The fill Nasenspuelkanne with water and a little salt, then so spook the nostrils, is made quickly, some health insurance companies give nothing out, or in health food stores, or buy at the pharmacy.

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