What can you against muscle soreness do it hurts like hell ...

What can you against muscle soreness do it hurts like hell ...

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Hello! Call times to a doctor and ask him what you should do because it hell does hurt you. In your question missing comprehensive. Age, what sport you have when made, where it hurts. Etc. A response can only ever be as good as the question allows.

Thus, an exchange of views among beginners to quickly. Expertise then remains on the sidelines, is only that.

I wish you a good and nice weekend.

Rest and relax. Muscles are overexertion causing micro cracks forming in the muscle tissue, so relax and wait. :)

My trainer always says to me I should make a difference if I have sore muscles again. not overdo maintenance. But it was far more. Just go little walk and then it will come. :)

Loose running sessions. If you make no Sprt, it will take longer until the soreness is gone. However, you should make only loose units and exaggerate in any way.

Just keep moving the dan goes it away.

Best not overexert. Otherwise, once ask your doctor if he can prescribe you marijuana.

Sauna when it comes!

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