what can you delicious cooking for the dog?

usually my dog ​​is mostly dry and wet feed, but I also like to cook sometimes for him and I would ask ne to the people who also themselves have a dog and also dissipate not cooked. what they could advise me (please with recipe)

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Cooking is not's in dogs. Because the wolf can not say: "Hey come on, I cook me now what." If yes bad, he finally has indeed no stove. And if you think you now what I mean by the example, is that most of their dogs eat like wolves, after all, are the ancestors of our Hundiis wolves. You mean determined prepare something myself, but since you can only Barfen something. If you cook the meat, entirely possible to go all to at least a lot of vitamins that your dog just needs to get away. I personally would you also to complete Barfen rates. BARF raw feeding = Biological welfare :-)

Cooking purely nutritionally no sense for the dog because you abtötest all vitamins by the heat.

We vary much with raw meat and mashed vegetables. Barf

Would not that be a better alternative?

So we get sometimes from the butcher some beef liver and then with rice and a few vegetables and no seasoning

Dog food is not cooked ...

Prepare your dog square meals with plenty of fresh meat and vegetables to a part ...

If you've got bored and so much time, then inform yourself times on ordinary humane feeding and consult Aunt Google times after BARF

if you want your dog what good do you cook -then not -but fresh meat give him: Look here www.barfers.de

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