What can you do at a birthday party?

Hello everyone, I do need your help, I soon celebrate my 11.Geburtstag, home and I invite 7 girls and I have no plan what we can do, please please help me. Eure stwarberryred,

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My 11th birthday was held at home with relatives with coffee and cake .. with my friends from school I was in the ice cream parlor in the city center and that was nice :) The atmosphere was cozy and the atmosphere easy!

Pick the Internet a few Community Games, we something Truth or Dare, then watched a movie, plays vlt SingStar or something - and make others that enough to eat and drink is available :)

You look 'nen film or 2, gambles (if you do ever likes to do), if you want out, then I would, for example go to the playground and there chill (if the weather) and otherwise halt just chill zsm.

Grab you need it then only movies that you and your friends like you would see and lots to nibble and drink.

Happy in advance ^^

(No, does not bring bad luck)

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