What can you do if a giveaway was not sent with the order and was there, according to request it nachzuliefern denied ... Am I entitled to it?

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That depends entirely on how it was advertised and handled in the order process. Usually, however, it has no claim.

If the impression was made that it is a prize from a lottery, you have a claim under § 661a BGB.

Otherwise, you'll have it well only if you after ordering a contract confirmation (an order confirmation is not enough!) Will receive, in addition is listed. If it is not listed, could possibly be a right when you due to the advertising the impression have had to, to get the addition definitely. Frequently, however, one finds limitations like "only as long as supplies last.", Then you can not rely on you.

In addition, contract confirmations are rare, usually explains the consignor the offer is accepted only by the dispatch of the goods. In this case, you can easily more than (again depending on the design of advertising) claim that it is not an acceptance of the offer, but a counter-offer under altered conditions, which you can refuse. In this case, could you ordered at the expense of the consignor again send back.

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