What can you drink alcohol with 16 to


16 can you drink beer and seconds, but there are some cool mixtures. Pure beer is boring: D

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this is a perfect question for me: D

you can do it for example, try it with cider or sparkling strawberry. There are also still punch, is for example as champagne only it tastes slightly sweet and the alcohol does not taste it quite like that. If you normal beer is too boring, you can buy even beer "taste". V + Berry is as highly recommended, but only 2% or 3% in it. When are you however is all about the action I would try cocktails. You can get this for 2 € and taste actually quite good that you'll find in the Champagne department usually at the bottom.

All non spirits beverages. So beer, wine, champagne and their mixed drinks. Spirits and their mixed drinks, however, are only allowed from 18th

Beer is usually mixed with soft drinks (cola, soda, root beer), insofar as these mixed drinks contain less alcohol than pure beer. If you like it stronger, have a go bock beer or another strong beer.

Also wine and champagne are usually mixed with soft drinks, z. B. champagne with orange juice.

punch and punch as there are super many recipes with champagne and wine (cold duck, mud bowl etc)

Let the dear, you will only bad thereof

most cyclists, champagne / orange etc .... but you can with your 16 years no hard stuff into the beer or champagne mix, which remains the 18-year-old reserved ....

Beer, champagne and wine all these places but nothing high-proof, such as vodka. But if you have some friends who are over 18 ....

I personally liked beer when it vesetzt with vodka and a splash of gin best. Just try!

Gänsewein should be a very fine wine, I heard that! wine connoisseur bathe her tongue in

Beer ^^ is disgusting. As is vodka better. 3 as I said when'll get you beer and champagne to langewiligmus or let you get something else! ;)

drink no alcohol, that is great.

No, only beer and no hard liquor and no Alk.Pops

"Cool mixtures" Age? You drink so just to get so over "cool" ...

Mixed beer as V + and something Curuba

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