what can you put into a dirndl when it's cold outside?

Hello my friends and I (16) will on Friday put a dirndl to fair and thus go to the beer tent, but we want to get out sometimes and for that it's too cold? What jackets (or so) attracts you to it? & What shoes? thank you in advance :-)

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you can drag a color matching cardigan or bolero jacket on it. Or pinch when it should be really fresh and up to the tent ne normal jacket, however, you must then also be stored somewhere.

Under the Dirndl I can carry her quiet ne flesh-colored tights. This is perfectly ok. Please do not knit tights or leggings. He looks great.

On shoes you can, as already mentioned, either ballerinas or if you want and it also run flat pumps or the classic brogues tighten. Where you can also still in Chucks or so help by 16.

The main thing is: Are you comfortable !!

Have fun

Hello, I would also have a costume vest or just a color matching cardigan to anziehen.Bei the choice of shoes I'd choose, also matching color, ballerinas. High shoes rather less, because I think that you will be much walking on the road:) If it is too cold to you, you can quiet a transparent tights wearing that warms and at least something is better than without: DViel fun!

..... a Jankerl - costume vest

Shoes taste, Korksandaletten ???

no stilettos

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