What can you tuhen against boredom, that's bad?

If yes above?

The best answer

Just chill, also fun

Tidying, cleaning out, sport, do that which you have always done in the near future time still, you do not go around it rum, and later you think of something better than to be bored first and then do the duties!

Take a walk, so that the cylinder gotten a fresh air supply. Then you might, out of nowhere, take a Inspiration

The: http://gameinfo.euw.leagueoflegends.com/de/game-info/get-started/what-is-lol/

and you will never be bored. : D ^^

Counting just the Polkadots on your Glockenrock.

Yourself looking for a hobby or even take up a book and read instead s.Pc to hang.

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