What could I do with my dog ​​in my spare time?

Hello to all dog lovers;)

I am 13 years old and am working a lot with my Yorkshire Terrier Teddy. He is at 28.03 two :) Unfortunately, I slowly out of ideas because we still could make. I want to enjoy some variety to the dog, too. The first question is if anyone of you knows a good trick that is not quite as common. Teddy can already at the 30 and I have no idea what I could him still teach him makes exercise with treats, so he is a very gluttonous dog: D, (but he is not overweight, on the contrary, everyone asks us as may be that the dog has such a top figure, but he is also quite a bit of a walk with my father) totally fun. But please, no tricks, claiming the legs strong, such as running on the front paws! the real question is, if any of you have ideas what I could do out side with my dog, or how I could keep him indoors. Since it otherwise always the same things are that we make: drausen treats or hide indoors, people or looking toys bring, toys, treats from out get papschachteln, race. What are you doing so always with your dogs?

Thanks in advance :)

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Slalom between the legs while walking, can go to command the left, let go on command right, left blank / turn right, roll, servants, paw on nose (Shame 'You), head shaking, "Peng!" (Dog to falls and remains lying), crawling, jumping into the arms, jumping on the back, jump on bank and over the back, driving the boat, skating, linen bring not open the door, let put forepaws on tiptoe and put together some steps go, make command business at one place what is shown blank (command z. B. "Mach 'fine pure"), shaking go (after the transition in the rain and in front of the door), backwards, backwards in the slalom / in the night by the go legs, sing or make a sound, yawning, ... Everything there?

Hello. I am also 13 years old and have an Australian Shepherd and a Bolonka. I ride my Aussi almost everyday bike or go jogging. I also make themselves Agility, Dogdancing and especially tricks. How about cycling? Since you both gaining momentum and it makes animal fun. My Aussi is then also first limp. I drive (if it's not too hot) so around 10 km away. It does not always work only his head yes. Let course ;-)

LG: Lea (I), soda (Aussi), and Bonny (Bolonka)

if anyone of you knows a good trick that is not quite as usual

look you look around on this page. There are many tricks for beginners and advanced:


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